Digital Petroleum Week Singapore 2021 took place 22-23 September. To watch the presentations on-demand, please request access by sending an email to

Achieving Trading Success Through Curveseries Analytics

This session discusses how Curveseries helps traders and analysts to generate trading strategies around spread and margins trading, and unifies various data sources so they can perform their jobs efficiently.

Chang Ching Chng
Director, Curveseries

The New Normal for Cushing Storage

In this session, Geospatial Insight discusses the importance of Cushing within the wider oil industry, provide an understanding of the Cushing storage data and how to access it. With market-leading accuracies, rapid delivery and frequent measurement, TankWatch Cushing provides clients with a real trading edge. TankWatch Cushing is the premier source of Cushing storage analytics – now available on the OilX Platform.

Toby Watson
Business Development Executive, Geospatial Insight

The Future of Middle East Crude Pricing

Join General Index to explore the complex world of Middle East (ME) crude one year after the launch of their widely-read ME Crude Benchmarks Service. The session covers key market trends that took place in the East of Suez crude sector after an active year with many changes such as COVID-19, IFAD, and others.

Neil Bradford, CEO
CEO, General Index

Eesha Muneeb
Pricing Director Asia, General Index

Gasoline Trading 2.0

Today you can do anything in your day-to-day lives with a few clicks on a mobile. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do the same in your work life? Welcome to the Gasoline Trading 2.0 era.

Sparta helps gasoline traders to automate data collection and processing to save up to one week per month, to spot opportunities faster, and to analyse the market movements and the levers that affect them. Learn how to have a global overview of the gasoline market, compare the cheapest sources of supply, customise with your own assumptions and analyse historical trends.

Felipe Elink Schuurman
CEO and Co-founder, Sparta

Investing in Vertical Technologies in Maritime

Innovation at scale in maritime requires expansive collaborations. Building an ecosystem of entrepreneurs and start-ups innovating in specific verticals of the sector is key to transforming the sector. Signal Ventures is the venture building and strategic investment arm of The Signal Group, a leading provider of technology, data and commercial solutions to the shipping industry. It engages with innovative startups and entrepreneurs that want to build and scale their products in maritime technology leveraging synergies in data, technology, skills and expertise. Signal Ventures’ focus is SaaS, advanced analytics, optimisation and artificial intelligence.

Nikolas Pyrgiotis
VP of Technology Ventures, The Signal Group

Navigating Global Oil Data

Access to up-to-date oil fundamentals data is critical. However, most oil trading organisations are replicating the same basic oil analytics tasks, such as cargo tracking, refinery turnaround monitoring and supply-demand balances. Much of this analysis underpins strategic trading decisions, yet is resource heavy and based on disparate or largely historical data sources. Join Florian Thaler as he discusses about utilising real-time oil data analytics to track the world’s oil flow. In this session, OilX also unveals the company’s brand new oil analytics platform.

Florian Thaler
CEO & Co-founder, OilX

Python Machine Learning for Oil Trading

This session covers the basics of using Python AI/ML to forecast the commodity markets and will provide a hands-on walk-through of real-life examples.

Izabella Pełka
Data Scientist, NorthGravity

Travis Nadelhoffer
CEO, NorthGravity

Big Data in Commercial Shipping & Trading

With the use of the Signal Ocean platform and its free edition, one can get a feel of how the company’s US patented algorithm fuses commercial data with AIS information to create customized, exclusive shipping market insights.

Semiramis Assimakopoulou
VP of Sales, The Signal Group

Panel Discussion: Digitalisation in Oil Trading

The panelists provide their perspectives on the transition to the digital era in oil trading.

Yan Chong Yaw
Director, Oil Research, Refinitiv

Rachel Williams
VP of Research, Wood Mackenzie

Neil Bradford
CEO, General Index

Stephanie Trabia
Chief Commercial Officer, VAKT Global

Andrew Toumazi (Moderator)
CEO and Founder, BLOC-X

Blockchain and Cybersecurity in Commodities Trading

How leveraging blockchain technology protects commodity traders against the increasing threat of cyber-attack.

Nicholas Secrier
Information Security Officer

Price Discovery and Best Execution in Block Markets

This session looks at a range of tools available from BLOC-X to facilitate compliant price and liquidity discovery in OTC Block Markets.

Andrew Toumazi
CEO and Founder, BLOC-X

Realising Value from ESG in Commodity Supply Chains

The presentation covers:
  Creating transparency around environmental activities in the full supply chain
  Proving environmental footprint through attribution of information
  Attracting better services such as finance and insurance through technology
  Enabling customers to value and choose between differentiated products based on your sustainability performance

Daf Davies
Global Head of Marketing & Revenue, TradeCloud

Bunker Fuel Price Transparency

Traditionally, bunker fuel prices are an opaque mix of supplier costs, credit appetite, timing and trader margins. BunkerEx looks to alleviate the issues vessel owners and operators face around pricing by providing an accessible, reliable price indication at every bunker port around the world. The company brings price transparency to the bunker fuel market by collecting millions of data points from fuel buyers, suppliers, traders and brokers. The presentation focuses on the challenges faced along with new innovations in the space, solving the biggest pain points for ship owners and operators.

Ishaan Hemnani
Founder, BunkerEx