London Agenda

Digital Petroleum Week London 2022 took place on 24 February. To watch the presentations on-demand, please request access by sending an email to

Navigating Global Oil Data

Access to up-to-date oil fundamentals data is critical. Most oil trading organisations are replicating the same basic oil analytics tasks, such as cargo tracking, refinery turnaround monitoring and supply-demand balances. Join Florian Thaler as he discusses OilX’s approach to integrated analytics. In this session, OilX will unveil the company’s brand new oil analytics platform.

Florian Thaler
CEO and Co-founder, OilX

Taking Ownership of Your Data and Analytics

How CurveSeries simplifies the way users can share their data and channel data to a secured internal database for interactive analysis.

Glenn Huniche
Partner & Head of Business Development Eureop and USA, Curveseries

The New Normal for Cushing Storage

This presentation will cover the importance of Cushing within the wider oil industry and provide an understanding of Cushing storage data and how to access it.

Toby Watson
TankWatch Sales Executive, Geospatial Insight

Global Crude Benchmark Innovations

General Index, the new alternative to traditional price reporting agency commodity publishing, presents their latest innovations and how they are transforming the way energy companies do business.

Neil Bradford
CEO and Founder, General Index

Saket Vemprala
Pricing Director, General Index

Web3: What Commodity Traders Should be Watching

Web3 is a vague concept, but what really is it, and what is going to deliver value to commodity traders.

Edward Cheetham
VAKT Global

Make a Bundle from Gasoline Trading

Gasoline trading is all about knowing when to make the right decisions. See how Sparta can help traders to have at a glance a global view of the gasoline market, capture more market opportunities faster, and ultimately, make more money.

Felipe Elink Schuurman
CEO and Co-founder, Sparta

Big Data in Commercial Shipping & Trading

With the use of the Signal Ocean platform and its free edition, one can get a feel of how the company’s US patented algorithm fuses commercial data with AIS information to create customized, exclusive shipping market insights.

Semiramis Assimakopoulou
VP of Sales, The Signal Group

Modern Bunker Management

Join this session to learn about an end-to-end bunker management tool for shipping companies to efficiently manage their fuel strategy.

Ishaan Hemnani
Co-founder and CEO, BunkerEx

Bunkers: The Full trade Life-cycle on TradeCloud

Learn the benefits of digitising operations from origination through to execution on TradeCloud and price discovery and cost reduction in a scattered market while reducing risk and improving security. This presentation will be a live case study of a bunker transaction on TradeCloud.

Daf Davies
Head of Marketing, TradeCloud

Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence & Building for Scale

In this session, NorthGravity shares learnings gained helping companies set-up and scale their advanced analytics programs with success.

Travis Nadelhoffer
CEO, NorthGravity